Why Infrared heat??

Heat increases the metabolism and speeds up the break down of glucose and fatty acids. Which in turn helps tone the body and lose weight.

The sweat, promotes detoxification and elimination through the skin.

`it will help your body get in deeper stretches
`less prone to injury
`nervous system is greatly improved by opening the joints of the spinal column and messages are carried more efficiently to the brain.

Infrared heat- heats objects instead of the air. It is a whole different experience than a dry heated room.

Headstand Benefits

We should all be going upside down everyday…

here is why:

When you are upright, gravity pulls the tissues and fluids in your body downwards, including blood. In order to return deoxygenated blood back to the heart, your heart has to work hard to help pump the fluid upwards and against gravity.

Other benefits include:

Boosts MOOD
builds core and upper body strength
increases your balance
helps with circulation and breathing
relives stress
increase focus
improves blood to the eyes
increase blood flow to the head and scalp
improves digestion
helps flush out the adrenal glands
decreases fluid build up in the legs
stimulates the lymphatic system

Legs up a wall benefits

If you feel like there is too much stress in your everyday life, try this pose at the end of the day to restore your energy and to calm your body and mind. A lot of dancers, athletes, and runners use this stretch to help reduce pain and tightness as well as calm the mind and reduce anxiety.

Anyone can do it, you go by a wall or just lay on the floor with your legs in 90 degrees. The idea is to stay as long as possible for YOU.(the goal is around 15 minutes).

The top 3 benefits:

1. Increases Blood Flow and Decreases Inflammation- if you have to travel or sit for a long period of time, this will help with blood flow and reduce swelling in the feet or ankles.

2. Improves Hamstring Mobility and Reduces Lower Back Pain- If you suffer from tight hamstrings and/or hips. You will LOVE this pose. It will help relieve the pressure on the lower back, relieve pain, and improve hamstring mobility.

3. Reduces stress and Stimulates Relaxation – If you suffer from a high stress job, this pose will help you RELAX. It stimulates your nervous system, which in turn brings you to a more relaxed and calmer state. It will also help you sleep better.

So try it!!!!!